Remote control system

In the online world we live in today there is need for access and remote control of devices is eminent. For telecommunications companies, which increase their networks every day and consequently the number of subscribers, a simple system failure can generate a large number of complaints and cancellation of customers. Thus, the objective of this project was to develop and implement an electrical power control system of equipment that allows the remote restart of devices that are locked. Using a simple mobile phone with self-service function to allow access to the circuit through the headset interface of the device. The circuit was designed to receive commands through the call answered automatically by the cellular device, so that it allows to turn off and reconnect the equipment by cutting the power supply. In addition, a four-digit password that can also be changed over a connection ensures system security. The practical application of this system was carried out in the provider of broadband internet access and VoIP telephony, MLS Wireless S/A of Rio de Janeiro where it was installed in access points of the provider in the west of the city where the long journey causes a delay in the recovery of access. This system allowed the control of eight equipment including PowerBridge, NanoBridge, airFiber, Cisco-SF300 switch and an optical modem.

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