Project Manager and Full Stack Developer

(May 2006 – current)

MLS Wireless S.A., Rio de Janeiro

Internet Provider

Project Manager (2014)

  • Leader of a special projects team. Responsible for developing new services and solutions for the technology market.
  • Developed a multi-client Wi-Fi Hotspot management system, and coordinated the deployment in more than 17 Brazilian states.
  • He is responsible for the development of different management systems of the company in the areas of purchasing, inventory and employee management.
  • Responsible for the training of new services and resources of the company.

Developer Full Stack (2013)

  • Developed the most varied systems in (PHP, Angular, Perl, ColdFusion, C, Nodejs, Shell Script, Android).
  • Developed micro-controlled prototypes of control and surveillance of the company’s circuits and servers.

VOIP Telephony Manager (2010)

  • Replaced the company’s call center with VOIP technology.
  • Created a new business model of Virtualized VOIP Central.

Linux network and server administrator (2006)

  • Manager of Linux servers (Debian, Ubuntu and Redhat) and automation and monitoring scripts (Bash, Python and Perl).
  • He was the technical responsible for the migration of the company “SkyDome”, when it was purchased.

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